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What we do

We provide remote and onsite technical support to residential and commercial clients.

  • Technical Support
  • Remote Support
  • Training
  • Constant Monitoring
  • Email Management
  • Windows and Mac Integration
  • VOIP Telephony
  • Workflow Design
  • Data Backup & Retention
  • Network Configuration
  • Server Management
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Cloud Storage Configuration

Let's get started

Save with a Prepaid Plan


Pay in advance and save up to 10% off your monthly bill. We offer prepaid service discount tiers for businesses of all sizes.

Save time and money with Mobile Device Management

MDMs provide preconfigured settings, apps and services that translate to significant cost savings when setting up new Apple devices.

MDMs also:
  • Improve security and compliance through enforced policies and device audits every 30 minutes.
  • Save time and money by deploying new apps and settings to all or select devices in as little as 5 minutes.
  • Include instant inventory management of all devices upon device enrollment.

Why Constant Monitoring?

Constant Monitoring is an absolutely critical service for all our clients, providing invaluable insight into the health of both our customers’ computers and backups.

Constant Monitoring provides:
  • Early notice if hard drives are failing.
  • Alerts when common Malware is installed.
  • Alerts if backups fail to run.
  • Notifications if hard drives are reaching capacity.
  • And much more!

Meet the Team

Valerie Pokorny
Riley Foster
Daniel Leal
Chris Willis
Jake McKean
Alex Casiano
Valerie Colon
Valerie Pokorny Accounts Manager
I’m the Accountant-in-Chief and I’ve spent the last 10 years creating layout and design solutions for a variety of clients in the nonprofit world. I have also added two awesome daughters to society and will run for chocolate. I raise a mug of coffee to the world each morning as I keep TerminalSolutions’ financial records in order.
Riley Foster Office Manager
I’m the Mad Hatter and I do everything from new client onboarding to inventory management. I have 5 years of experience as a Genius Admin at Apple North Star. I am also obsessed with fashion as a budding personal stylist. I greet the world each morning with vigor because I’m able to use my organizational savvy to ensure things run smoothly from our headquarters to our consultants in the field.
Daniel Leal Consultant
After spending a few years in the trenches as an application administrator for a major email service provider, I can proudly say I am the King of Email! That plus 15 years of experience as a technology enthusiast has equipped me to be a translator to a world that seems like a foreign language for so many.
Chris Willis Senior Consultant
I’m the Grizzled Mac Veteran and I’ve used my 15 years of electronics experience doing troubleshooting to create a knowledge base of issues and solutions. I am ACSP certified and was charged with heading Genius training for San Antonio. I am fortunate to be in this field of work as I aim to change and enrich personal and professional lives.
Jake McKean Managing Consultant
I’m the Founder of TerminalSolutions, which I created in 2012 using my years of computer and mobile technical support experience as a Genius and B2B specialist at Apple. I also have a Masters degree in Architecture from the University of Illinois, but these days I dedicate myself to developing a culture built on constant learning and encouraging outside-the-box thinking here at TerminalSolutions.
Alex Casiano Managing Consultant
I’m The Beast of Mobile Device Management at TerminalSolutions in Austin. Before coming on board to open the Austin office in 2014, I worked for Apple as a Genius, a Business Specialist and an AppleCare Enterprise support agent. I also ran a 20,000-Mac school district’s IT department. My strength goes beyond technical knowledge to my love of powerlifting, and I thrive on giving my customers innovative solutions.
Valerie Colón Consultant
Being the Task Mistress of the Help Desk allows me to share my know-how with everyone who is willing to learn about the ever-changing world that is technology. I am building on 6 years of previous experience as a Genius providing technical support & knowledge to Apple customers. I'm excited about using the iPad Pro & Apple Pencil as a new medium to create calligraphy!
We wholeheartedly recommend TerminalSolutions.
- Dennis Hickey, President, Camp Grove State Bank
[TerminalSolutions] has provided us one-on-one advice that was very clear, direct and easy to implement!
- Bill Graves, The Graves Group, Phyllis Browning Company
We truly could not have done it without him, and continue to tap into his expertise on a weekly basis.
- Melissa Murphy, President, Murphy Media Group, Inc.
TerminalSolutions has consistently met and exceeded our expectations.
- Dennis Hickey, President, Camp Grove State Bank
If you are in Real Estate and tired of not having realistic answers to your technology questions... Jake is your solution!
- Bill Graves, The Graves Group, Phyllis Browning Company
[TerminalSolutions] researched and implemented technology solutions and did so within our technology budget.
- Dennis Hickey, President, Camp Grove State Bank
TerminalSolutions has been amazing and there has not been a single challenge they have not been able to help us overcome.
- Melissa Murphy, President, Murphy Media Group, Inc
Bottom line — they keep our business running with the latest innovations in technology and at a fair price!
- Paul Godwin, Owner, The Arch Group